Baha’i youth in Calgary envision Canada’s future

Baha’i youth in Calgary envision Canada’s future


A group of Baha’i youth from Calgary recently contributed to a process of envisioning Canada’s future over the next 50 years.

The consultation was spearheaded by ImagiNation 150, a non-profit organization that is holding discussions with youth groups from across country in honour of Canada’s Sesquicentenary.

The themes for discussion emerged from a report, “Possible Canadas”, sponsored by the McConnell Foundation: Using Our Natural Resources Wisely; Renewing Our Democratic Institutions; Making Our Pluralism Work; Taking Our Proper Place in the World; Increasing the Innovativeness of our Economy; and Building Healthy Communities.

The Baha’i youth, drawing on perspectives influenced by their faith, elaborated on the importance and implications of unity in diversity; the harmony of science and religion, universal participation and community engagement, environmental stewardship, and drew examples from the growing experience of the Baha’i community in contributing to community building activities in Calgary and across Canada. They were joined in their discussion by the chairperson of ImagiNation 150, Mr. Colin Jackson, and Ms. Rita Egizii.

ImagiNation 150 has met with several other groups of youth, and will continue to consult many more, with the goal to analyze and present their findings about the hopes and aspirations of youth to policy makers and leaders in Canada. All Canadians are invited to participate through the official app, available for iPhone or Android.